Tuesday, December 11, 2007

in rainbows

Joyous day - the discbox arrived. Brett and I opened it this morning and then immediately played disc two. In the two months since disc one was released for download, it has already become entrenched in my heart of favorites. As is the case for all the other Radiohead CDs, disc two does not let itself be known on the first listen, but will take several, if not infinite listenings to fully explore. All is so busy this time of year, I can't wait for some free time when I can just ascend into the beauty and depth that is Radiohead.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Just about dusk this evening, a combine began harvesting the soy crop across the street. I was inside drawing the blinds for the night. Killing time waiting for Brett to get home so we could eat dinner, I took Charlotte outside for an unobstructed view. The night was classically Autumnal, and neither of us had coats on, so we cuddled close and watched the combine at work. We stood and watched as the night darkened. The powerful head and rear lights of the combine illuminated the dusty, smoky waste being flung from its rear. Soon, all we could see was the billowing smoke around the lights, and the revolving cutters gnashing their way through the field.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

slaap lekker

Charlotte and I took a wonderful nap today. We snuggled all cozy under blankets and down, me curled on my side and she on her back with arms and legs sprawled. Her hot little feet pressed against my leg. I laid there for quite awhile marvelling at how sweet and pretty she is. And then I drifted off into blissful, cozy sleep.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

once again

Every year, the beginning is the same. An adorable ladybug crawling along the bathroom windowsill. Perched atop my shoulder. Cuddled up next to the bathroom nightlight when in the morning I shuffle in. And every year, the ending is the same. Hoards of ladybugs taking shelter in our home. Finding their way inside in such numbers and with such speed, we risk our treehugger footing by escorting some of them back outside.

To our credit, we let most of them stay indoors. Brett does his daily "Five Minute Bug Cup" and we let the rest of them be. Well, except for the ones that melodramatically languish on the windowsills, turned on their backs with their legs ruffling the air. Countless times I've tried turning them right, only to have them immediately flip themselves over. So those miserable ones I brush off the sill and drop them in the trashcan.

Living with ladybugs has taught me quite a lot about, well, living with ladybugs. They love to investigate the toilet and can tread water all night long waiting for someone to rescue them come morning. Which, of course, we do. When ladybugs feel threatened, they emit a very strong earthy smell. A smell that is almost identical to the smell of astragalus. Earthy and and muddy and green at the same time. Very pungent. Sitting on the living room floor, I'll often move a leg or reposition my hand, and then I'll smell it. Oops, dead ladybug.