Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Painting Wicker

Tonight is beautiful. The kind of night where I loved to pop on a headset and go for long walks when I lived in a more walkable area. After a few exceptionally hot and humid days, the ground still has that several-days-of-warmth-baked-into-it feel but the air has finally cooled and softened. I remember, back in those walkable days, passing parking lots and feeling the breeze turn toasty, and then blow cool again over grass.

Tonight I popped on my headset and, in lieu of walking, painted some wicker. Listening to my favorite band, I couldn't help but dance. Bopping around the chair with my paint brush in hand, I laughed as I was struck by the Mr. Blonde of it all. (It was probably the hack job of painting I was doing to the chair.) To remedy the vibe, I kicked off my shoes and danced barefoot. 'Cause Mr. Blonde never would have gone barefoot.

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Rants of Rachel said...

Painting wicker? There is no good way to go about it unless you want to use a can of spray paint, which I refuse because of the fumes. Just wanted to check email and say hello and let you know i joined the ranks of bloggers...its mind cleansing...thanks for the idea!